How and why we chose an air source heat pump to heat our property

by Mars

In March 2019, we installed an air source heat pump to heat our property, which replaced an oil boiler. In this video, Kirsten and I sit down and discuss why we opted for an air source heat pump and why we chose the 18kW Caernarfon model from Global Energy Systems.

We explain, in simple terms, how an air source heat pump works, before discussing our reasons to opt for air source over ground source, finding a suitable, professional installer, some of the issues we faced and why we decided to proceed with the 18kW Caernarfon air source heat pump.

Useful links about our air source heat pump and its performance

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If you’re interested in an air source heat pump from Global Energy Systems, you can use this code when you contact them and you’ll get £200 off your installation (and we’ll get some Amazon vouchers): GESRFAF000160

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Mark Crooks
Mark Crooks
3 years ago

Very insightful. Thanks for sharing. The next Phillip and Holly I think!

What would be interesting to hear are your thoughts on how to most efficiently run the ASHP system, e.g. running constantly vs on/off or changing the temperature during the day vs a constant temperature day and night.

3 years ago

We also have an ASHP, and have been in our property coming up to a year. We have only just managed to get our smart meter working in the last month, so now feel we are in a better position to refine how we use the ashp thermostats on the underfloor. Look forward to hearing more from you as to savings you have successfully made.

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