Our first ever pumpkins

by Mars

It’s been a successful and fulfilling vegetable growing season for us, and it’s culminated with us harvesting our first ever pumpkins.

Growing pumpkins (the variety is called Speedy) was a complete experiment for us this year, because we were unsure how much space they’d take up and how productive they would be. While they undoubtedly need space to grow, it was quite handy that they can sprawl and run down our pathways between the raised beds.

Join us in harvesting our pumpkins by watching our Instagram video below.

One of my favorite meals to make is a pumpkin and kale curry. If you have any pumpkin recipe ideas, please leave a comment below, and we’d love to try them.

We will definitely be growing pumpkins again next year, and I already have the seeds for our ‘special’ new variety. More on that next spring. Very exciting.

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3 years ago

Amazing!!! ❤️

3 years ago

A great harvest from just one plant! ???? I have only grown butternut squash myself (in containers), but always with success. Butternut soup is great, and risotto too. Not sure if it would be the same with pumpkin. But your curry sounds like a good idea.

3 years ago

I do love pumpkins – so versatile. And so many varieties to explore and try, though they’re hard to source in the UK. Good luck with your haul!

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