Husqvarna 120iB Leaf Blower Review

by Mars

Autumn is a beautiful time of the year as the landscape transforms into splendid hues of orange, but it’s also a time of year that the leaves start to fall from the trees. Up until now, we’ve had to rake up wheelbarrows full of leaves, which was a long, arduous process, so we’re hoping that the Husqvarna 120iB leaf blower is going to speed this up for us.

If you’re looking for more detailed Husqvarna battery operating charts we’d strongly suggest you head over to Red Band UK.

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3 years ago

The most important thing about a leaf blower is how much noise pollution it makes. We all find raking up leaves hard work but the awful noise made by leaf blowers destroy autumn for so many people.Raking is and sweeping is silent. Please dont promote noise pollution

2 years ago

[…] best part is that this autumn we purchased the battery operated Husqvarna leaf blower and pole saw all of which use the same battery. We’ve only had to purchase one battery, […]

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