Is Natural Deodorant Worth The Fuss?

by Kirsten
Fussy Natural Deodorant

In recent years, there’s been a wave of new natural deodorants hitting the shelves. We have enthusiastically tried a bunch of them but unfortunately, most fell short – leaving us smelling a bit stinky and burning a hole in our sandy filled gardening pockets. Until, drum roll please….Fussy

We started using Fussy three years ago and we can confidently say that we have found a natural deodorant that actually works, no matter how hard we push ourselves or what life throws at us. It ticks all the right boxes: natural ingredients, effective odor control, a kind-to-skin formula – all wrapped up in a practical long-life reusable applicator with compostable refills.

What You Don’t Want In Your Deodorant

Let’s delve into the world of high-street deodorants and antiperspirants, which are often packed with ingredients you wouldn’t want to put anywhere near your body. Many conventional deodorants and antiperspirants rely on aluminium to block sweat glands and there’s growing concern about the potential health risks associated with aluminum build-up in the body. Some studies suggest a link between aluminum and various health issues, including breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Parabens are another common ingredient in deodorants. These act as preservatives, but research suggests they may disrupt hormones and contribute to certain types of cancer. While the science is still evolving, it’s definitely a reason to consider paraben-free alternatives, especially when there are safe natural alternatives available.

A Natural Deodorant That Can Handle Hot Flushes

As any woman navigating perimenopause knows, hot flashes can be a real struggle. The sudden surge in body temperature can often lead to embarrassing sweat patches and unwanted odor. This is where a reliable natural deodorant becomes a non-negotiable. Fussy’s clever probiotic formula is a lifesaver during those hot flash moments. Probiotics help to balance the skin’s microbiome, which can naturally reduce odor-causing bacteria. This means you can stay confident and fresh throughout the day, one less thing to worry about during this transitional phase.

No Fuss It Just Works

Natural and Effective: Free from aluminum, parabens, and other nasties, Fussy uses natural ingredients like arrowroot powder and tapioca starch to absorb moisture and keep you feeling fresh. The unique probiotic formula tackles odor-causing bacteria at the source, for long-lasting protection.

Kind to Skin: Many conventional deodorants contain harsh chemicals that can irritate sensitive skin. Fussy’s gentle, natural formula is perfect for everyday use, even after a long day of outdoor adventures or a challenging workout.

Compostable Refills and Eco-Conscious Packaging: Sustainability is important and we love that their refills come in compostable cardboard tubes, and are posted out in minimal waste packaging. 

Lavender Love: The beautiful new lavender scent of Fussy deodorant is a delightful bonus. It’s calming, refreshing, and perfectly complements our natural lifestyle.

A Rainbow of Scents to Match Your Mood!

Fragrance is such a personal thing and Fussy goes beyond just effective odor control – they cater to your unique scent preferences! While I adore the calming lavender myself, Fussy offers a whole rainbow of delightful options to match your mood.

Feeling invigorated? Reach for the citrusy zest of Tropic Tonic (lime, mandarin & marjoram) or the bright and tangy Wide Eyed (mandarin peel, grapefruit & black pepper).

Craving a clean and fresh feel? Look no further than Cloud Nine (cotton, sandalwood & vetiver) or the aptly named Bare All (unscented).

Yearning for a touch of floral?  Jasmine Bloom (jasmine flower & green tea) or Parma Violets (violet, rose & iris) might be your perfect match.

Prefer something earthy and calming? Forest Haze (woody) or Night Tales (cedar, cinnamon & patchouli) offer a grounding and sophisticated scent.

And for those who love a tropical escape? Look no further than Sun Drunk (their limited-edition summer scent) or the ever-popular Coconut Milk (coconut, almond & vanilla).

Fussy has a scent for everyone, allowing you to express your personality while staying fresh throughout the day and it hasn’t let us down in three years so you can take our word for it, it works. 

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