Heat Pump Versus HVO

by Mars
Heat Pump versus HVO

In December 2021, we officially joined the HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) trial in the UK and we wondered whether this fuel would keep us warm? As the winter progressed, we were able to tweak our central heating to run as a bivalent system where the air source heat pump would heat the house when the weather was milder and the HVO boiler would kick in when temperatures dropped and the heat pump was less efficient.

When we solved some of the heat pump teething issues (getting the air source heat pump to relinquish its control over the boiler was the most challenging), the system ran flawlessly and we were very pleased with the outcome.

In our latest video, we discuss our experiences using HVO over the course of the winter and whether we think it’s a viable, environmentally-friendly option for rural properties that are currently relying on burning kerosene to heat their homes.

As discussed in the video, despite HVO being an excellent, low carbon alternative to kerosene, the UK government seems reluctant to remove the duties and levies imposed on this fuel, which is currently making it unaffordable for homes to switch to.

If your property is currently heated by kerosene in the UK, and you’d like to potentially switch to HVO to cut your heating CO2 emissions by 88% you could write to your MP – to save you some time, we have provided a template that you can use and you can download it here.

If you’d like more information about HVO, please visit the Future Ready Fuel website.

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1 year ago

[…] what do we do? Do we run in hybrid mode with HVO? Do we just use the heat pump? Just HVO? Do we just turn off our heating altogether and see how […]

1 year ago

I don’t blame you for switching to oil. Your previous data suggests ASHP running costs close to £800 p/m during winter based upon the new price cap of 52p per kWh.

I certainly wouldn’t want to be reliant upon an ASHP as my only source of heating.

With the price cap due to rise further, will you use the ASHP at all? Given the habitat loss associated with biofuels, would you actually be better using standard heating oil?

It seems we’re just not ready to move away from fossil fuels – electricity needs to be a lot less than 10p per kWh for it to be viable for the masses.

1 year ago

Hi all I’ve a grant oil heating with a twist again using waste oil but used black car oil with a heater to change viscosity and compressor to blast a vapour worked well for about 4 months I stopped using it as was clogging up but have a friend who has used this system for years really need to fire it up as bills just gone from 220£ to 417£ ouch and a rise in January and without price cap would be some 630£ odd now
I’ve just bought some more solar panels 3kw but now find E 1000 G 4000£ so really need air source for down to 6 degrees and gas below or for boost we’ve massive conservatory and old house so maintained heat is not really an option but boost for an hour does do trick I did run my car on biodiesel with very little carbon just as your veg oil heating system works but government seams not interested in world carbon problems 🤷🏽 Shame really Your channel has been very helpful 👍

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