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Harvesting our Isobel Onions

Our first year of growing our own vegetables has been a mixed bag. The kale is still going strong as is the celery, and the lettuce is finally starting to fade. Our Isobel onions are now also ready and they’ve been fantastic. We grew them from seed, and only planted about a dozen as an experiment to see what grows well. We’ll definitely be planting a stack of these next year.

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Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer review

We purchased the Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer to keep the hedgerow that shields us from the lane that passes our property neat and tidy. In addition to this, we have some hedgerows on the other side of the property that separate us from grazing field so we needed some powerful tools to help us keep them under control. The verdict from our review is in.

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Cordless lawn mower and strimmer review

We purchased two cordless Makita garden tools, the DLM431 lawn mower and DUR181Z strimmer, to help us maintain our manicured front and back garden. We’re not fans of petrol motors, and given the distance from the nearest power socket to areas we need to maintain, we opted for battery operated tools. This is our Makita cordless lawn mower and strimmer review.

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