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by Kirsten

I’ve been using natural skincare products for decades and always check ingredient lists carefully before applying anything. I think I became somewhat obsessed with clean skincare in the 1990s when Boots brought out their Botanics range. It suddenly dawned on me that if Botanics was considered “revolutionary” for being a clean high-street skincare range, then what exactly was in all the other skincare products on the shelves?

Since then, I’ve always wanted to know what was in every jar of lotion or potion before entrusting it to my face or body, especially because my skin is hypersensitive and throws tantrums if it doesn’t agree with something.

Recently, I was flooded with WildMint ads on Instagram. So, when they had their spring 50% sale, I thought, “Why not give them a go?” I liked that most of the packaging was glass, the whole ethos seemed very natural and clean, and the products boasted a lot of beneficial ingredients.

With my perimenopausal skin, my old skincare routine just wasn’t cutting it anymore. As hormonal breakouts were becoming more of an issue, I thought the 5-step Superfood Clear Skin Kit sounded like the perfect place to start. It arrived in minimal eco-friendly packaging, which was a good start. The products looked simple, with basic branding, and I was immediately hopeful because nothing smelled synthetically perfumed.

My Thoughts:

Citrus Cleanse: This is a very light and creamy cleanser that glides beautifully onto the face, allowing for a slick massage. It removes makeup well (though I wear minimal makeup so haven’t tried it on a full face of glam or waterproof makeup). It feels very gentle and not at all stripping, leaving the skin feeling soft. However, for my sensitive skin, I sometimes experience a slight tingling from the grapefruit peel oil, and it can leave my cheeks a bit pink. It does contain some lovely and very soothing ingredients like apricot kernel oil, coconut oil, oat flour, and avocado oil. I rate it 8/10

Citrus Splash: I love a good spritz – it’s a great way to rehydrate the face and achieve that dewy glow. One of the best things about this toner is that it’s alcohol-free. Many toners contain alcohol, mostly as a preservative, which is just awful. It’s terribly drying on the face, especially around sensitive areas like the eyes, and exacerbates conditions like rosacea. This toner feels lovely and fresh, hydrating, and sprays evenly. It has lovely ingredients like rose water, aloe juice, and rose geranium essential oil. My only hesitation is the fairly strong natural scent; if you don’t personally love the smell of roses, this might be a bit off-putting. I rate it 7/10

Youth Boost: A serum in a pot, this thin gel-like serum is packed with wonderful vitamins A, C, and E. It claims to leave the face dewy, youthful, and vibrant, and I can confirm it does! Yippee! Packed with gentle essential oils and botanicals, this serum doesn’t have an overpowering smell. It’s far gentler on the nose, and my skin just drinks it up. This is one of my favourite products out of the 5-step kit. I rate it 9/10

Marula Magic: This one’s a bit controversial for me because I compare it to the face oil I make myself at home. However, I always hope that store-bought face oils are somehow better than the simple ones I throw together. This is a lovely oil; it feels very natural and velvety, and the skin absorbs it quickly. Again, unfortunately, they’ve been a bit heavy-handed with the rose geranium, which from a beneficial ingredients perspective I totally understand (it does great things for the skin). But the smell again is quite overpowering, so it won’t be for everyone. I’ll probably stick to my DIY face oil. I rate it 7/10

Smooth Boost: A multi-vitamin moisturiser designed to brighten the skin. This is a whipped light cream, somewhere between a lotion and a light cream. It has a pleasant, balanced smell that does go quite white on the skin at first, but it sinks in and doesn’t leave a white cast. It has some ingredients that my skin loves: olive oil, orange peel, pumpkin seed oil, and bilberry. I don’t need to use this every night on my face as the serum is enough for me, so I use it every other night, but my décolletage loves it and can take it every day. I rate it 9/10

The Takeaway

I would definitely buy more products from WildMint in the future. They are clearly committed to providing clean, non-toxic products and pay a lot of attention to their ingredient lists. My favourite was the Youth Serum, which I would definitely buy again, but probably only on sale as the price point is a bit high otherwise. WildMint is a great option for people with sensitive skin or those who want to ensure they are only using natural and safe products on their skin.

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