Defying Perimenopause With Skincare

by Kirsten
Perimenopause Skincare Green People Review

The natural skincare market is now so vast and diverse that there’s truly no need for harsh chemical products. These are often heavily fragranced, full of alcohol, and offer little to no real benefit. Most high-street lotions and potions are simply cleverly marketed, celebrity-endorsed junk food for the face. When you look at the ingredient lists, you can quickly get lost in a maze of potentially toxic elements.

For me, choosing natural skincare is a no-brainer. It’s one less thing to worry about, knowing my skincare is safe, clean, and won’t potentially contribute to health problems further down the line. At 45, my skin is undergoing some major changes, so I am now on a quest to find good natural skincare for middle-aged skin. Enter Green People’s Age Defy+ range, a collection specifically formulated for those of us navigating the ever-changing landscape of ageing (hello, perimenopause).

Seeking natural, organic skincare that wouldn’t irritate my already stressed skin, I decided to give the Age Defy+ range a go. Packed with botanical wonders, it boasts plant-based ingredients to nourish and restore. Beech Bud extract and Sea Holly Stem Cells promise to regenerate and energise. It sounds just what I need, but does it work?

AGE DEFY+ PURIFY & HYDRATE CREAM CLEANSER: This luxurious cream cleanser is silky and gentle, with a subtle natural fragrance of mandarin, ginger, and ylang-ylang. As soon as it glides onto your face, you feel soothed and rehydrated. This kind, creamy cleanser works wonders on removing makeup and other impurities. Nothing feels uncomfortable about it – no stinging eyes or dry, tight skin afterwards. The omega-rich plant oils with added beneficial actives leave you feeling clean and pampered.

AGE DEFY+ DAILY SPF30 MOISTURISER: A velvety cream with the added protection of SPF30, providing reasonable UV defence for an average day. Its thick texture means you only need a tiny pea-sized amount, which goes a long way. Superbly hydrating but not greasy, the rosehip and pomegranate oils leave you with a lovely dewy look and it’s helped calm my redness down.

AGE DEFY+ COLLAGEN BOOST VITAMIN C SERUM: This thick, creamy serum feels heavy enough to use as a moisturiser for me. Loaded with Vitamin C and Bakuchi Oil, it’s very hydrating and plumping, sinking into the skin fairly quickly. Vitamin C can sometimes break me out, but this serum has definitely brightened my skin. I love the natural, soft blend of mandarin, rose geranium, and neroli – it smells heavenly.

Overall, I have a lot of confidence in Green People. They’ve been creating and formulating clean, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare for many years. With those years of research and development clearly comes a wealth of knowledge.

They’re a family company that stands strong on ethics, which means a lot in this day and age. Green People was founded by a young mother (Charlotte Vohtz) searching for natural healing skincare for her then-toddler. So passionate was Charlotte that she went on to work with the Soil Association in 1999, playing a huge role in setting new, higher standards for organic cosmetic regulation.

If only all skincare was created with this much love and dedication, the cosmetic world would be a far easier place to navigate as a consumer. I believe it would be far kinder to the planet, our skin and our wallets.

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