No Such Thing As “Just Migraines” 

by Kirsten
Ocular Peri Migraines

Perimenopause migraines for me have manifested through migraine auras and retinal migraines, a difficult side effect of my body’s estrogen fluctuations. Flashing lights, zigzags, and blind spots seem to swallow the world around me. These bizarre and sometimes scary episodes started last year and have become progressively more intense.

Many people with ocular migraines (the umbrella term for both retinal migraines and migraine auras) – myself included – hesitate to discuss them. Fear of not being believed or appearing like we are overreacting prevents people with this condition from getting the help they need. This silence not only delays diagnosis, leading to mounting stress and worry, but also prevents those suffering from getting treatment, which is available.

After my diagnosis and some self-education, I now know that ocular migraines are a neurological phenomenon, and it is not my cognitive function declining, early dementia, or a symptom of a far more terminal disease. Talking about ocular migraines openly is crucial. It empowers people to advocate for themselves, seek the proper diagnosis, and share awareness.

Now, my focus shifts towards finding relief, managing my symptoms, and preventing further episodes. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so exploring a range of treatment options and taking an all-round holistic approach gives us the best outcome. For each person, it will be a different mix of things that work, so this is what I’m currently doing:

  • Medication: Taking a preventive medication can significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine attacks.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Managing stress, maintaining a regular sleep schedule, and staying hydrated are crucial for migraine management.
  • Acupuncture: I have found this to be very beneficial, and going once a week has had a big impact.
  • Dietary Triggers: Identifying and avoiding food triggers like processed foods, caffeine, and alcohol can be highly effective.

The Road Ahead

This journey has been a powerful lesson in self-advocacy, the importance of open and honest communication with healthcare professionals, and the strength found in community. If you’re facing similar challenges, please reach out. Together, we can raise awareness and advocate for a more supportive future for all migraine warriors.

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