Air source heat pump questions and answers

by Mars

We have received hundreds of comments and questions regarding air source heat pumps from our YouTube channel and blog followers. We have answered most of the questions in writing, but we thought it was a good idea to collect the most common and relevant questions and answer them in this video.

The feedback we have received to our air source heat pump videos has been amazing, and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and for watching. It’s greatly appreciated.

These are the full questions we’ve answered in the video.

Question 1

Which is best way forward: Green Home Grant (GRG) or Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)? Nigel

Question 2

Look forward to finding out about the maintenance costs in your future videos as such info is more available for e.g. gas boilers, but wondering about the long term maintenance costs of ASHP. Flickafy

I assume these systems need a regular service check. Is it expensive? Endo

Question 3

Thanks for this set of videos. You touched upon your bills but you didn’t mention how much your electricity bill had raised post-installation of you ASHP (I understand all the provisos/solar panels, etc.) but would be interested to know. Thanks. Guy

Question 4

When you say that you keep your pump on all the time does that mean you keep it at 21C, 24 hours a day? I’ve been turning ours down to 19.5 when I go to bed. Can you just verify this? I’m thinking of the financial and efficiency side. We do not have underfloor heating just radiators. and we have solar panels too. Andrea

Question 5

In terms of water usage, can you run hot water continuously or will you run out of hot water quite fast? Sebastian

Question 6

How do you calculate the COP? I’m surprised that the house insulation is a factor in it. Wout

Question 7

When standing next to the heat pump outside how noisy is it? Rowan

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