Using an auger to plant spring bulbs from Farmer Gracy

by Mars

We ordered nearly 500 spring bulbs from Farmer Gracy and to help us get them into the ground we used a garden auger for the first time.

We purchased an 8cm auger from Workpro for the double daffodils and jumbo bluebells, and a 4cm auger for the smaller crocus bulbs.

If you’d like buy the augers we used, we purchased ours from Amazon.


The Re-Farmer 22 November 2020 - 15:57

I’m really glad you were able to use your auger! We got one, but have not been able to use it. The first location we tried it was in the old garden area, and there were just too many rocks. The other, there was no grass, but there turned out to be large amounts of capillary roots from the nearby trees. The auger just couldn’t cut through them. There were rocks, too, but not as much as in the old garden.

My brother successfully used a much longer auger to transplant hundreds of trees in a single weekend. Wildly different soil conditions where he lives, compared to ours!

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