A review of the strimmers we’ve used across our smallholding

by Mars

For us, we know that the gardening season is about to get into full swing when we have to strim our field for the first time. Today, we pulled out the first major gardening power tool we purchased when we moved into Home Farm: the Ryobi 1200W electric strimmer.

In the past 12 months, we have used three different strimmers across our smallholding, and it’s a good time for a quick recap. The Ryobi 1200W electric strimmer is wired so you have to run an extension cord to power it, which can be a bit of a hassle, but the one thing you can’t knock is the sheer power of this tool. The motor is unflinching, and because it’s wired you’re not to going to run out of battery. It’s also got the metal blade attachment which makes cutting through dock leaves and brambles a breeze. We also only maintain the field on sunny days, so the 1200W motor is fully powered by our solar PV array.

Our first ever battery powered gardening equipment was from Makita – a small lawnmower and strimmer, which we use to primarily maintain our back garden. These are very lightweight gardening tools, but they are ideal for our small lawn in the back courtyard.

Last year, EGO loaned us 38cm Power+ trimmer that was battery operated. We used it to reclaim a portion of our field around the vegetable garden which was very overgrown and we were incredibly impressed by the power and versatility of this gardening power tool. The battery life was surprisingly good, and it’s definitely worth checking out our review if you haven’t done so already.

The good news is we are expecting more strimmers to arrive this summer for review, and we will put them to the test and see who comes out tops.

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