Our experience installing an air source heat pump

by Mars

We have received numerous questions this year regarding the installation of our air source heat pump. In this video, we discuss the full installation process, focusing on what it entails, what you can expect and our overall experience.

This is our second video speaking about our central heating. If you’d like to find out why we opted for an air source heat pump and how we went about selecting a manufacturer, please watch this video.

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If you’re interested in an air source heat pump from Global Energy Systems, you can use this code when you contact them and you’ll get £200 off your installation (and we’ll get some Amazon vouchers): GESRFAF000160

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3 years ago

Even better video this time;-)
What you say about installers or heat pump sellers is very true but there is some logic too it. Radiators are such a big part of a heat pump efficiency (because moving that heatout of the heat pump and into the house is crucial) that they can insist on changing radiators just to be on the safe side (who knows what condition those radiators are actually in??). However, it is something they can also charge for, and does add a chunk to the price, so be a bit skeptical and ask several installers for an opinion on wether you radiators are ‘enough’ [tip: roughly, if your radiators can be lukewarm to the touch and keep your house warm in Winter, then you’re probably OK]. Anyway, you can always change-up radiators later as long as there are practical improvements to be made (single to double, or more space for a wider one etc).

3 years ago

[…] covered the reasons why we chose an air source heat pump to heat our property and what the installation entailed. Today, we delve into the all-important subject of our air source heat pump efficiency and […]

10 months ago

[…] installed our air source heat pump in 2018, and it was an above average installation, and we are now sharing our personal tips and advice to […]

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