We Fix Our Air Source Heat Pump’s Flow Fault By Cleaning The Filter

by Mars

Our air source heat pump recently went into standby mode for two consecutive nights, during which time it refused to heat the house or hot water in order to prevent any damage to the system. We were able to diagnose the issue with Global Energy Systems, and narrowed the issue down to the fact that the flow and return filter was blocked.

We cleaned the filter on our 18kW Caernarfon air source heat pump in order to restore and maintain a flow rate of around 25 litres per minute. As a result of the blockage, our flow had dropped below 15 litres per minute, which prompted the pump to go into standby mode.

Disclaimer: What we show in the video is how we cleared the blockage in the filter of our air source heat pump in order to get it back up and running after having consulted with an engineer at Global Energy Systems. We do not recommend undertaking this work yourself and would suggest calling your installer, manufacturer or trained engineer to assist if you have a similar issue or if your pump is not functioning as it should. You must make your own judgements on any action you carry out after watching the video, but if you decide to clean the filter yourself on your air source heat pump, we will not be liable for any resulting injuries or damage to the air source heat pump system, nor will we accept any liability arising out of incomplete or incorrect information. If in doubt, please call an air source heat pump professional.

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