Bio-bean Coffee Logs Review: An Alternative To Burning Wood

by Mars

Bio-bean sent us some coffee logs to review as alternative to burning wood in our stoves this winter. We used them over Christmas, and you can see how they fared in our Bio-bean coffee logs review.

Shop: Bio-bean coffee logs

We mentioned in the video that it may be permissible to burn Coffee Logs in smoke control areas in the UK, but at time of writing and recording, there was no clear answer either way because DEFRA doesn’t have a category for non-wood biomass and fuels.

If you live in a smoke control area, we would strongly recommend that you check with you local council that it’s OK to burn these, so as not to incur a fine.

We don’t live in a smoke control area, and we burnt the Coffee Logs on our Chesneys Beaumont wood burning stoves in our living room and kitchen diner.

If you’d like to find out more about Coffee Logs and where to buy them, please visit Bio-bean’s official website.

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1 year ago

Another great review! Did the fire smell of coffee?

Tabula Rasa
1 year ago

I’ve used them before. I think they are great if you want the odd fire and cannot get a source of UK sustainable hardwood and the packaging is good too but I wouldn’t use them if I was having fires everyday as they would be too expensive.

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