Using Eve Extend to control our Bluetooth TRVs over WiFi

by Mars
Eve Extend

One of the first smart home devices we purchased after moving in were Eve Thermo TRVs so that we could get better control over our air source heat pump central heating system. The only drawback of these TRVs is that they are Bluetooth and this means you had to physically go from room to room to change settings or tweak heating schedules. But not anymore thanks to Eve Extend.

Eve Extend essentially allows you to connect Eve Bluetooth devices to it making them available to control via your WiFi network.

Ahead of this winter, this is a game changer for us because we can now control all our TRVs from anywhere in the house, which will make it much easier to streamline our heating when temperatures tumble.

Watch Kirsten and me discuss the Eve Extend and how we’ve made it work in our Victorian, period property.

Although we are initially using these extenders for our TRVs, we have a number of new Eve products that weโ€™ll be unboxing and reviewing in the weeks ahead, many of which are Bluetooth, and they too will be added to the Eve Extend*.

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2 years ago

[…] These smart TRVs are HomeKit enabled and have integrated seamlessly into our heating set up. They are Bluetooth, which means that you have to physically go into rooms to change settings, schedules or increase/decrease temperatures. We have solved this ‘issue’ by installing a product called Eve Extend, which means we can access them over our WiFi network. I have recently reviewed the Eve Extend on our sister website, My Home Farm, and you can see the full video review here. […]

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