Tuber honest, we had a good potato harvest

by Mars

Last year, we grew Maris piper potatoes and we had a really good haul. While it was decent amount of potatoes, we had to discard a lot of the potatoes because of wireworm and slug damage. This year, we were prepared for the pests and grew maris pipers again, as well as a variety called sarpo mira.

Our vegetable garden has been slug free courtesy of Nemaslug. As far as natural slug control is concerned, I can’t speak highly enough about the effectiveness of this product, and this year the potato plants and potatoes themselves didn’t have any slug damage.

By watching the video below, you can join us in harvesting the potatoes and watch us dry and cure them on drying racks that we built from wooden pallets and chicken wire.

Based on our harvest number, there are enough potatoes to see us through well into the new year.

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