Trimming the hedge, strimming the field and cutting the lawn

by Mars
Trimming the hedge

We’ve been busy draft proofing the house ahead of winter so we’ve fallen behind with some of our gardening tasks, so it’s time catch up. We’ve taken out the hedge trimmer, strimmer and lawn mowers and get ready for a full day’s work.

For today’s tasks we have the Stihl HSE 71 to trim and neaten the hedge that runs alongside the lane, Ryobi RBC1226I Electric 2-in-1 1200W to tackle the long grass and dock leaves in the field and Makita DLM431 cordless lawnmower for the manicured lawn in the front garden.

Catching up with our gardening

It was an epic eight-hour gardening session, but the garden looks so much better now and we’ll stay on top of it now.

You can check out the full reviews of the products used in this video by clicking on the links below:

Stihl HSE 71 hedge trimmer

Ryobi 1200W strimmer

Makita cordless lawn mower

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