Stop Bugging Us – Natural Aphid Control

by Mars
Potassium Soap for aphids

Our lemon tree has been infested with aphids and we try out a new natural aphid control from Ecoworm that is made from potassium soap spray.

It’s actually an extremely useful product because it can also help you deal with earwigs, red spider mites, scale insects, caterpillars, sawfly larvae, whitefly and other pests. The potassium soap works by covering your plants with a protective film that prevents them from being harmed by pests.

We really like Ecoworm’s products because they are natural and safe for the environment, and we’ve been using their liquid vermicompost for years.

You can buy the potassium soap spray directly from Ecoworm and don’t forget to use the code MYHOMEFARM at checkout to get 20% off your purchase.

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