See Your Garden Birds Up Close

by Mars

We’ve always loved watching birds in our garden. We love their bright colours, graceful movements and unique songs. But we’ve never been able to get as close to them as we’d like, and sitting with a camera with zoom lens for hours on end is not fun or relaxing. So this bird feeder camera has been a real game changer.

This camera system has given us a whole new perspective on birdwatching. We can now watch birds up close and personal, without disturbing them.

The smart bird feeder camera is easy to set up and use. We simply mounted it on a fence and connected it to our Wi-Fi network. Now, we can view the live feed or recorded footage on our smartphone from anywhere in the house, and if we miss anything the footage is uploaded to the cloud.

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One of the things we love most about this bird feeder camera is the motion activated recording feature. This means that the camera only starts recording when it detects motion. This saves battery life and storage space. It also means that we never miss a moment.

We’ve also been impressed with the quality of the video and images that the camera captures. The 1080p video is a bit bitty to keep file sizes down, and the 145 degree wide angle lens captures a wide field of view. This allows us to see more of what’s happening around our bird feeder.

Overall, we are extremely happy with the camera. It is a high-quality system with a wide range of features that has made birdwatching even more enjoyable for us. We would highly recommend it to anyone who loves birds.

To buy or to find out more about the camera head over to Pakatak.

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