Our Orchard: the first three weeks

by Mars

Our orchard has been in for three weeks, and we’ve put together a video that shows the progress of our newly planted trees and what you can expect.

It’s quite interesting to see how bare root fruit trees establish, and how different varieties of apples and plums flower and bloom. The full list of trees we’ve planted is provided at the end of this post.

  • Sunburst cherries
  • Lanes Prince Albert (apple)
  • Charles Ross (apple)
  • Howgate Wonder (apple)
  • James Grieve (apple)
  • Peasgood Nonsuch (apple)
  • Quince Vranja
  • Conference Pear
  • Merryweather (plum)
  • Marjorie’s Seedling (plum)
  • Victoria (plum)
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3 years ago

[…] we’ve had in six weeks (after the hottest and driest May in over a century) and our garden, orchard, field, grass and veg patch really needed a good […]

3 years ago

[…] we undertook to plant our little orchard, we knew there’d be a learning curve, but we didn’t expect it to be so steep, so quick. We knew […]

A. V. Walters
3 years ago

Only one pear? Is it self-pollinating? If not, you’ll need another pear for pollination. We’re ahead of you–started our orchard five years back, with the initial six trees and adding a few every year since. We started with “whips,” very small trees. In the past two years, the first batch has started to bear fruit. It’s been an adventure, but well worth it.

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