Battery-operated and lightweight: Mountfield Princess 38 Li review

by Mars

In August, we reviewed Mountfield’s largest push lawn mower, the Empress 51 Li, which we put to the test on our field and front lawn. We have a small back garden with a patch of grass that requires a small, compact and light lawn mower, so this is where we tested the Mountfield Princess 38 Li.

This is a great battery-operated option for small to medium gardens and it comes with the mower, two batteries and a charger. It has a 38cm cutting width and forms part of the Freedom 500 range.

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Ralph Brunjes
Ralph Brunjes
2 years ago

Hi, I have no noticed that you review quite a lot of different machines.
Do the manufacturers send you them or do you buy them?

Brian Mallalieu
Brian Mallalieu
2 years ago

The problem with most mowers is the failure to cut close at the front, due to the front wheels preventing the rotary cutter blade from reaching the edges. There is a market for a designer who can overcome this, without having to revert to a hover!

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