Harvesting our first ever Maris Piper potatoes

by Mars

We planted our Maris Piper seed potatoes in late April, and we were apprehensive that they would be affected by wireworms. In a bid to reduce wireworm numbers and diminish their threat we introduced nematodes to our raised beds in June.

The bushy potato plants turned out to be a great hiding place for slugs, but after five months the time finally arrived for us to harvest our first ever potatoes. Enjoy the moment with us.

A decent haul


As mentioned earlier, our biggest fear ahead of the planting season was wireworms, and we treated the raised beds with nematodes. They certainly appear to have done the trick as we came across a few and not many of the potatoes were damaged.

Here’s the same wireworm we came across in our video that was ‘mid-potato’.

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