Effective, environmentally-friendly method to clean wood burning stove glass in less than 5 minutes

by Mars

If you’re looking for a chemical-free and environmentally-friendly way to clean wood burning stove glass doors and remove the black residue that can sometimes form, then our tried and tested method is for you.

We have two Chesneys wood burning stoves, and apart from throwing out a lot of heat, they look really good so it’s important to keep the glass clean so that you enjoy the flames in the fire. If you can’t see the glowing flames and embers, the wood burning experience loses some of its charm.

In our video, we’ll demonstrate how to remove the tar buildup and get the glass on your wood burning stove super clean without using chemicals.

How to clean wood burning stove glass door

Doing this regularly makes cleaning the glass much easier, so don’t let the tar buildup get too thick, because it’ll take extra effort to get it clean.

We also wouldn’t recommend this method for coal burning stoves as the ash may scratch your glass.

clean wood burning stove glass

To find out more about our Chesneys wood burning stoves, please go here.

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