Draught proofing windows

by Mars
Drafting proofing window frames

This winter, we checked the house for potential heat leaks using a thermal imaging camera, which was a very helpful and insightful exercise. One of the areas that we identified where we are still losing some heat is via the corners of windows. We have spent a fair amount of time trying to seal holes and gaps using a variety of products and for the most part they look great for few months, but inevitably start to crack.

We have purchased a lot of different products for this job alone (silicones, caulks, fillers, etc.) and they all end up cracking when the seasons change (probably as a result of changes in temperature).

Last year, we reviewed Maxam’s DURA+ product, which is an all-in-one hybrid sealant and adhesive, and it is an excellent product. We used it for variety of jobs and DURA+ has now become our go to product when it comes to doing jobs where we previously used silicones, adhesives, fillers, sealants, caulk or mastic.

We’ve been so impressed with DURA+ that we’ve now used it to seal the gaps around window frames to keep draughts out. Previous sealants, caulks and fillers have all cracked within a few months, so we’re hoping that DURA+ can once again deliver because it appears to be a stronger, more durable product.

When using this all-purpose sealant you’ll notice that it’s quite thick when it comes out the tube because it is essentially an adhesive that also works as a caulk and sealant or whatever you want it to be – it’s that versatile. Because it’s thicker, it’s actually a lot easier to work with because you can get good amounts out in straight lines around the contours of window frames, and when you smooth it with your finger you get great coverage that covers even the widest of cracks.

We sealed 29 windows (only in areas where they needed it) and we went through about a third of the tube. Given the escalating price of energy, and the importance of insulation, this is a relatively cheap exercise to seal your house from leaking heat.

While DURA+ is more expensive than other “specialty” products like adhesive, filler or caulk, the versatility of having everything in one tube is very handy.

Shop: Maxam DURA+

Using DURA+ as an adhesive

Because we only use DURA+ for our jobs around the house it’s permanently loaded and ready to go in our Wolfcraft MG 200 application gun, so when Kirsten needed to hang up one of our new hoes in the shed, we used DURA+ for that job – another first.

It’s ridiculous how good DURA+ is as an adhesive. We’ve used it to glue a broken slate step last year so we know it’s strong, but what’s amazing about this product is its instant grip. We’ve used other strong adhesives in the past, but you need to clamp them to allow them to set and cure. Not with DURA+.

We simply applied the adhesive to the back of our DIY hanging hook and stuck it straight on the inside wall of our shed… and it just stayed there. We allowed it to cure before we hung up the hoe, but it was awesome to see it just stay in place without having to figure out how to clamp it. You can see it in action in the short, 20-second clip below.

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