Draper medium duty gardening gloves

by Mars

We finished the bulk of our pruning around the pond this week, which also means that our log store is now fully restocked with kindling for next winter. For this job, we tried out some medium duty gardening gloves from Draper.

The gloves are good quality, and are a combination of leather on the palm area and a breathable elasticated back, with open cuffs. It was a cold, sunny day when we did this work, and it’s worth noting that my hands remained warm when it was cold. When the sun came out, my hands also remained comfortable and didn’t overheat.

The gloves are designed for medium duty work, and were ideal for chopping up and processing kindling because the leather protects your hands and fingers from splinters.

I don’t think that these gloves are suitable for working in muddy or dirty, wet conditions because the leather probably won’t appreciate getting muck on it. I could be wrong, but I don’t think we’ll be using them for those kinds of jobs.

I got the large size for myself, and they were a perfect fit. Kirsten went for a medium size, and they were a good fit for her. The gloves sell for £5.99 and I think if we use them for wood related and ‘clean’ jobs, they could last a few years. We’ll keep you updated.

You can find out more about these medium duty gardening gloves on Draper’s website.

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