Handmade Chocolate Luxury

by Mars

We enjoy having the occasional chocolate and have tried many brands over the years, and we recently tried Juthan Chocolate. This artisanal brand distinguishes itself with its small-batch production, a method that resonates with our preference for quality and sustainability. Here’s our take on why these chocolates might just be the next best thing to add to your pantry.

We love that Juthan commits to using only a select number of high-quality ingredients, accentuating the cacao’s inherent flavours without resorting to excessive additives or sugar. This aligns perfectly with our tastes — we prefer chocolate that presents the authentic essence of cacao. The choice of Criollo cacao is a reflection of their commitment to producing superior chocolate.

Exploring the range of flavours Juthan offers has been a delightful journey too. While the coffee flavour stands out for us, we’ve also enjoyed the dark milk, lavender, mint and citrus varieties. Each flavour is distinct, providing its own unique sensory voyage. The lavender, for instance, has a floral subtlety that we find soothing, while the lemon variety offers a zesty brightness that cuts through the richness of the chocolate.

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Their bundles, such as the “4-bar Herb and Coffee” or the “Complete Experience,” are a great way to explore the different flavours. We think this is a good option for those who love to experiment with taste and appreciate the craft behind chocolate making.

The bean-to-bar journey that Juthan is proud of is evident in the quality of their chocolate. We think the attention to detail, from the sourcing of the beans to the final packaging, is what makes their chocolate more than just a treat—it’s an experience.

We like how they have found the sweet spot with their 60% dark milk chocolate, which we find is just right for those who prefer a balance between the intensity of dark chocolate and the creaminess of milk chocolate.

If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality chocolate that invites you to pause and savour each bite, then Juthan certainly deserves your attention.

Their commitment to using fine ingredients and their ethical approach to sourcing speaks volumes about the calibre of their chocolates. Give Juthan a try, and you may just find that their bars set a new standard for what you consider exceptional in the world of chocolate; and they’d make a great gift too!

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