12 Christmas gift ideas for gardeners

by Mars
Christmas gift ideas

Here is our Christmas gift guide for gardeners this year. Each of the items that we have featured have been used and enjoyed by us this year, and we would be very happy to buy them for our friends and family. We hope that this gives you some inspiration and ideas to get the special people in your life a really great gardening Christmas present.

We would also just like to say that this video is not paid for or sponsored by any brand or product and there are no affiliate links.

Products mentioned:

Felco 8 secateurs: https://felco.com/en_gb/felco-8
Felco 13 secateurs: https://felco.com/en_gb/felco-13
RHS books: Genealogy for Gardeners, Botany for Gardeners, The Secrets of Great Botanists
Plantsurge magnetic water system: https://plantsurge.com
Amaryllis gift box: from local garden centre or online 
Felco 910+ leather holster: https://felco.com/en_gb/felco-910-plus
Felco 701 gardening gloves: https://felco.com/en_gb/felco701
Cast iron herb markers – check Etsy or eBay 
The Foragers Calendar book by John Wright: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Foragers-Calendar-Seasonal-Natures-Harvests/dp/1781256225
Draper Heritage Hand Tools – stainless steel with ash wood handles 
Dikamar Primera gardening shoes: https://www.dikamar.com/en/produtos/detalhe/primera-shoe_38
Bergs Potter handmade Italian terracotta pots: https://bergspotter.com
Darlac multi pattern spray gun: https://darlac.com/product/dw355n-deluxe-multi-pattern-spray-gun
Floret Farm’s Discovering Dahlias book: https://www.floretflowers.com/discovering-dahlias

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