You say tomato, I say blight

by Mars
Veg update

The path to sustainability and growing your own food is not always an easy one. The weather in our part of the world this summer just hasn’t been kind to our vegetable garden. Apart from the cucumbers, potatoes and pumpkins everything has been limping along, and our tomatoes have probably been the most affected. We grew several different varieties and all the plants have developed into good size bushes with decent amounts of fruit (which we have to put down to the Ecoworm fertiliser that we apply fortnightly) but sadly they’ve just not been ripening.

Most of July and August has been cool and cloudy with little or no sunshine, and quite frankly it’s been a vegetable growing nightmare. To make things even trickier, our tomato plants have now also been afflicted with blight, putting the remainder of the harvest at risk, and it’s left me questioning whether we’ll bother with growing tomatoes next year.

Check out the video below to see how our tomatoes have done this season, and please leave a comment about your homegrown tomatoes below.

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