Win an electric impact shredder worth £170

by Mars
The Handy shredder giveaway

We are giving away an electric impact shredder with box and detachable hopper from The Handy. This shredder comes with a powerful 2500W motor that rips through the garden waste.

Here are some ideas of what you can do with shredded branches:

Create mulch: Shredded branches can be used as mulch, which can help retain moisture, suppress weeds and add nutrients to the soil.

Promote composting: Shredded branches can be added to compost piles to help balance the carbon-to-nitrogen ratio and speed up the decomposition process.

Improve soil structure: When used as mulch or added to compost, shredded branches can help improve the soil structure, allowing better water and air circulation.

Save money: Shredding branches can save money on disposal fees and reduce the need to purchase mulch or compost.

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