WiFi everywhere

by Mars
UeeVii CPE450 Wireless Bridge

One of our biggest challenges from a tech perspective (having moved into a period property) has been getting the WiFi to be robust and strong across the house because the Victorians weren’t overly focussed on making buildings WiFi friendly.

After a lot of trail and error, and getting the right equipment (namely the Deco M9 Plus working in conjunction with some M5 units), we have finally cracked the WiFi coverage across the inside of our property.

Our studio, however, is separated from the main house via a thick, heavily insulated brick wall and the WiFi signal has never been able to get through. We’ve tried numerous solutions and none have been successful so we were extremely excited when we were contacted by UeeVii to try their CPE450 5.8G outdoor wireless bridge.

We installed the CPE450 to work in conjunction with a TP-Link booster that we configured as an access point. We cover everything in the video below and let you know whether it was a success.

Shop: UeeVii CPE450 outdoor wireless bridge

The CPE450 is a point-to-point system that has long range access via its 14DBi Mimo antenna. It has a PoE (power over ethernet) adapter and two RJ45 LAN port. It’s a really simple solution for anyone that’s struggling to extend their wireless coverage.

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