Why we use Ecoworm Vermicompost Organic Fertiliser

by Mars

Last year, we used Ecoworm vermicompost organic fertiliser in our vegetable garden for the first time, and we were incredibly impressed with the results. This year, we are pleased to announce that we have partnered with Ecoworm to use their fertilisers on our fruit trees, vegetables, shrubs and flowers.

Over the course of spring and summer we will be providing regular updates on our gardening and growing progress both on our blog and Instagram account. In this video we discuss why we like Ecoworm vermicompost organic fertiliser, its benefits and why it works for us.

Ecoworm Vermicompost Organic Fertiliser

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2 years ago

[…] The temperatures do not get anywhere near as warm as a greenhouse, but during the recent cold spells, the thermometer has registered between 10-15C, and the seedlings are coming along nicely. The coir and wood pulp fibre pots dry out quite quickly, so we generally water the pots twice a day (morning and late afternoon), and they’re getting a fortnightly shot of Ecoworm vermicompost for vegetables. […]

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