We need to get more sustainable, pronto

by Mars

Our goal, when we moved into Home Farm, was to always be as sustainable as possible. We have taken as many measures as possible to make that happen. But in light of recent world events we need to do more and get more sustainable.

While we have managed to get renewable forms of heating (air source heat pump) and electricity (solar PV array), our next big projects for this year are going to be getting our Victorian well up and running and to get a sustainable source of food.

Frustratingly, this was something that we were supposed to have done last summer but we got distracted with the many repairs that we had to undertake on our house. Nevertheless, this is now top of our to-do list.

Working hand-in-hand with our sustainability strategy, we are going to reformulate our diet and come up with a series of recipes and food ideas that will allow us to feed ourselves when logistics chains become exhausted dealing with worldwide emergencies such as Covid-19, for example.

This involves having to strategize what crops are going to be useful, and what complimentary things you can grow to make tasty, nutritious meals. As we work things out, we’ll share on this blog.

These are the major projects that we’re going to tackle in the next 4-6 weeks:

  • Build a large vegetable patch
  • Get our Victorian well up and running
  • Get our herb garden established, and dry herbs
  • Plant a small orchard
  • Move our postbox away from the front door – that may sound odd, but with illnesses like Coronavirus we want to keep people at a distance. In fact, this one’s already done – did it yesterday.

The wood for the construction was all delivered today, so next week is going to be extremely busy. The fruit trees for the orchard get here tomorrow.

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