Waltzing around in our Strauss workwear

by Mars
Mars – Strauss workwear

Getting gardening and DIY jobs done quickly and efficiently is largely about having and using the right equipment. The same thing definitely applies to workwear. Garments that are made and designed to make your tasks easier make a massive difference.

This year we are collaborating with Engelbert Strauss, a German workwear brand, and we’ve been incredibly impressed with the quality of their products. Not only are their garments well-made, easy to clean and durable, they are very cleverly designed. Check out the video below where we review an assortment of men’s and ladies’ work trousers, shoes and tops.

Engelbert Strauss ladies’ workwear

Kirsten wore:

Kirsten – Engelbert Strauss Workwear

Men’s Engelbert Strauss workwear

Mars wore:

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