Our first harvest of the year

by Mars

Join us in the vegetable garden for a mid-summer tour as we harvest onions, shallots, courgettes and the first of our peas and cucumbers. Given that the growing season was delayed by the poor weather in May, we share some of the vegetables that have stood out so far.

Throughout late spring and summer we have been applying Ecoworm’s natural, vermicompost feed to our raised beds on a fortnightly basis. We mainly use their fruit and vegetable growth stimulant, and this year the pumpkins, courgettes, potatoes, celeriac, Swiss chard (bright lights), sweet corn and kale have responded really well to it. With the warm spell, we saw that the ambassador peas also saw a strong growth spurt and have started flowering and fruiting a lot more.

For the first time this year, we have planted some berry plants, and we’ve also been feeding them with this soil extract. They’ve all responded exceptionally well, with the loganberry and jostaberry plants in particular exhibiting signifiant growth spurts.

We have a different feed for the tomatoes, and while the growth of the tomato plants was steady, it was only when we experienced the big rise in temperatures that we saw the tomatoes shoot up, flower and fruit. Having said that, I think that the Ecoworm nourishment that we provided during the less than ideal spells of cool, overcast weather allowed the tomatoes to keep developing.

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