Filling our raised beds with soil and sowing our first seeds

by Mars
raised beds

Resuming from part one of our series, in this installment we’ve finished putting up the paling fencing, we fill the first raised bed with a mixture of compost and John Innes #2, and sow our first seeds. We also try to come up with solutions to get the veg patch finished in light of Coronavirus trade and business restrictions.

These are the seeds we planted in this video. They’re all from DT Brown.

  • Spinach Trumpet F1
  • Organic radish (Sparkler)
  • Isobel Rose onions
  • Organic carrot (Autumn King 2)
  • Yuushu F1 pak choi
  • Lettuce (All the year round)
  • Rocket (Speedy)
  • Leek (Lancaster F1)
  • Organic lettuce (Salad bowl mixed)
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