Utility Room Makeover

by Mars

This summer we gave our utility room a makeover, which was the last room in the house that needed work. The old utility room was dated, dark, and poorly designed.

As part of the project, which took us about a month to finish, we completely gutted and redesigned the room. We undertook most of the work ourselves, but we got our plumber to properly reroute the water and waste pipes, and we had a custom granite worktop professionally made and fitted. We did the rest of the work ourselves.

We purchased the cabinets that we assembled and mounted ourselves, built a frame for the washing machine, built a box to hide the water and waste pipes, mounted the wall panels and splashback, put up a heavy oak shelf, installed some light strips and gave the entire room a fresh lick of paint. The full list of products we discuss in the video below are provided at the end of this post.

Product list

Here’s a list of the products we mentioned in the video with links.

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Jenny Ross
Jenny Ross
1 year ago

Thank you for so clearly describing your utility room refurbishment. Some really useful tips which have made us think about our own utility room. We were grateful for our utility when we first moved (because we didn’t have one in our previous home) but which we find increasingly doesn’t really work for us. The room is corridor shaped and more difficult to redesign and all the cupboards are at floor level and space to manoeuvre is cramped. We enjoyed listening to how you had gone about your own redesign. Food for thought, thank you.

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