Toro 55cm Flex-Force Recycler Cordless Lawn Mower

by Mars

In order to help us get the grass around our smallholding under control, we purchased a cordless, battery-operated lawnmower, the Toro 55cm Flex-Force Recycler.

We spent a considerable amount of time researching the best option for us in terms of power and battery life, and ultimately settled on this model. In this video, we unbox the mower, put it to the test for one month on our flat lawn and hilly gradients in the field, and give you our honest verdict.

The reason we opted for the Toro 55cm Flex-Force Recycler from Toro is because it comes with a 60V, 6.0Ah battery that powers an extra long 55cm blade, which Toro claims to be the largest in its class. It also comes with the option to collect grass clippings or to mulch by attaching a small deflector shield.

It’s constructed from steel, which should make it more durable than a plastic chassis, and it comes with an impressive three year warranty on the mower and battery. It’s worth nothing that the steel deck adds a lot of weight to the mower, and the Toro 55cm Flex-Force Recycler weighs in at 38kg.

We used our Eve Smart Plug to monitor how much time and electricity it takes to recharge the 60v, 6.0ah battery. It took around four hours to recharge from being fully discharged, and required 0.37kWh of electricity, which on our tariff is £0.05. That’s pretty good.

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