Thriving Veg Garden: Our Recipe To Success

by Mars
Plantsurge Trial

As the demand for organic produce continues to rise, gardeners are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to naturally enhance plant and vegetable growth. Ecoworm organic fertiliser and Plantsurge are two effective products that we have been using for a few years now that offer numerous benefits for vegetable cultivation. We carried out a three month trial over spring to see whether Ecoworm and Plantsurge made a difference to our veg seedlings.

As part of the trial we used Plantsurge and Ecoworm, and here’s a bit more information on each of the products.

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Ecoworm Organic Fertiliser

Ecoworm organic fertiliser is a premium soil extract derived from vermicomposting. It is made using red Californian worms (Eisenia Fetida), which consume organic waste materials and convert them into nutrient-rich vermicompost. Here are a few reasons you should consider using Ecoworm organic fertiliser.

Ecoworm organic fertiliser contains a balanced blend of essential nutrients, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and micronutrients. These nutrients are easily accessible to plants, promoting healthy growth, improved flowering, and higher yields.

The organic matter in Ecoworm fertiliser enhances soil structure and water-holding capacity. It increases microbial activity and improves nutrient availability in the soil, creating an optimal environment for vegetable roots to thrive.

Ecoworm is an eco-friendly alternative to chemical-based fertilisers. It is produced from recycled organic waste, reducing landfill waste and minimizing the environmental impact.

Ecoworm organic fertiliser is free from synthetic chemicals and harmful residues. It provides a safe and healthy growing environment for vegetables, ensuring the final produce is free from harmful chemicals.

Plantsurge Magnetic Water Treatment

Plantsurge harnesses the power of magnetic water treatment to promote vigorous vegetable growth. Here’s how Plantsurge utilises magnetic water to enhance vegetable cultivation.

The modified water structure induced by the magnetic field in Plantsurge helps enhance nutrient absorption by the plant’s roots. This promotes efficient uptake and utilisation of essential nutrients, leading to healthier and more robust vegetable plants.

The altered water structure and improved nutrient availability facilitated by Plantsurge contribute to overall plant growth and development. By providing optimal conditions for vegetable plants, it can stimulate vegetative growth, support flowering and result in higher yields of quality produce. It has definitely helped our seedlings develop far stronger root systems.

The use of Plantsurge, with its focus on magnetic water treatment, offers an eco-friendly approach to gardening. By optimising nutrient absorption and reducing the reliance on synthetic fertilisers, it promotes sustainable practices, reduces chemical runoff and minimises environmental impact.

Plantsurge and its utilisation of magnetic water treatment provide an intriguing approach to enhancing vegetable growth. The altered water structure and improved nutrient availability facilitated by magnetic water treatment offer potential benefits for nutrient absorption, plant growth and productivity. By incorporating Plantsurge into vegetable cultivation practices, growers can explore a sustainable and science-based solution to support healthier, more resilient plants and achieve bountiful harvests.

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