Controlling your waterworks

by Mars
Eve Aqua Third Generation

Earlier this year we reviewed the Thread-enable Eve Aqua and one of the issues we faced was getting access to the batteries. The great news is that Eve recently released a redesigned (third generation) Eve Aqua where they’ve made battery access quick and easy, and the unit itself looks even slicker.

The Eve Aqua is a smart water controller that can take over your home irrigation or you can simply use it on your garden hose to get an idea of how much water you’re using. Setting up schedules is a breeze via the Eve app, and because this unit is also Thread-enabled you shouldn’t experience any connectivity issues, provided you have an Apple TV or HomePod Mini as your home hub.

If you’re an avid gardener that wants to control watering schedules or are just a smart home enthusiast, the Eve Aqua is definitely worth considering.

If you missed it you can watch our second generation Eve Aqua review below. The functionality is the essentially the same as the second generation unit.

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