The weather is changing

by Mars

We woke up this morning to a cold and frosty picture. Frost has blanketed all the surrounding fields around us, and the temperature was at -2C. Major parts of the UK have severe fog warnings, with some parts of the country hitting -10C overnight.

Last year, I remember that November and December weren’t overly cold, and I found the historical data for our area: our average temperature for November is supposed to be 9C and 4C.

I pulled up the forecast for the week ahead, and we are not going to get even close to those numbers, and November to this point has been extremely cold, with one snow fall.

I time travelled to the same day last year, and what a difference that was, almost the exact average.

These low temperatures are putting our air source heat pump to work, and we are hoping that the low temperatures have come early and we’ll get a milder January and February.

But with the changing weather patterns, it’s impossible to predict and we’ll just have to wait and see what transpires.

The sheep are looking for food that’s not frozen.

Let’s not forget about the rain

We were in the field yesterday and the ground underfoot was sodden and muddy. We have excellent drainage, but we’ve also had a lot of rain. Not surprising considering that vast portions of the UK are still flooded.

We’re still new to the area, so I pulled some rainfall data, and it was astonishing. The increase in average rainfall amount is staggering. This, coupled with the lower temperatures, just goes to show how much our weather patterns are changing.

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