Tea for two

by Kirsten

There is no better start to the morning for me than enjoying a stroll around the garden with a cup of tea. As gardeners we typically get out to the garden in all our heavy-duty work clothes, tools in one hand, gloves in the other, and just see an endless list of jobs to do. It keeps us fit and moving forward, but it is important to remember why we do all this work. We work hard so that we are surrounded by a beautiful thriving space, but we also have to enjoy it.

Tending to our wellbeing is just as necessary as tending to our garden. Putting on some nice clothes instead of muddy gardening gear, pouring a beautiful cup of tea and just walking around the garden together allows us to see the garden in a different way; almost like a visitor.

Suddenly instead of seeing all the gardening jobs we have a mindful moment where we can see all the beauty and detail. So grateful to have this garden and environment in my life.

The tea we made was delicious. Mars had peppermint (which I have to say I loved too) and I tried the chai. Both are sustainable, plastic free teas which are fully biodegradable, and the lovely wooden acacia mugs are perfect for taking a drink out to the garden – no need to worry about breaking a ceramic cup.

Enjoy the peaceful, tranquil video with us.

These were gifted to us from the The Clean Market, an eco-friendly online shop.

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