Tapo C310 Outdoor Security WiFi Camera Review

by Mars

We were really excited to review this new outdoor security camera from TP-Link’s sub-brand Tapo. What makes this camera stand out is that it costs just £49.99, and it’s packed full of features, which means it’s a great choice for people to get a featured-packed security camera to monitor their property, even if they’re on a budget. If you’re interested, you should definitely check out our Tapo C310 outdoor security WiFi camera review.

Last summer, we installed TP-Link’s Deco M9 Plus mesh WiFi system which was a terrific product and we’ve not had any WiFi issues since then, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what this outdoor camera can do.

Shop: Tapo C310 outdoor security WiFi camera

At a glance, and to give you an idea what £49.99 buys you, the camera features ultra-high definition (3MP) recordings, wired or wireless connections, night vision, motion detection notifications, recordings to a microSD card (not included), alarm, two way audio, and voice control via Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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2 years ago

I love how you get so excited about these things! Having said that, on the long, long list of wants is an outdoor camera so that we can see how close the deer come up to the house and how much of a problem we have…. Will check these out!

2 years ago

Once you have a energy cut supply even for a one minute, and this camera doesn’t re-connetct automaticly. So you have to go to local and unplugged and plug again the energy wire so that this camera re-conect

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