Sweeping Change: Driveway Makeover

by Mars
New Gravel Driveway

Living in our Victorian farmhouse is a privilege, but maintaining its charm requires a lot of constant effort. One of the key aspects of our home’s appeal is its sweeping gravel driveway, which leads up to the house. Over the years, the old gravel had become worn out and overrun by grass and weeds. We decided it was time for an upgrade.

We chose 20mm brown beech gravel from Powys & Marches Stone Supplies for its durability, size and appealing colour. To keep the new gravel in place and prevent grass and weeds from taking over, we put in wooden edging using 4×1 tantalised boards. These boards were pegged into the ground to create a neat, defined boundary.

The first step was to remove the old gravel. This was a significant task, but it was necessary to ensure a clean base for the new gravel. We were mindful of the environment, so instead of sending the old gravel to a landfill, we reused it. Some of the old gravel was used on our garage, and the rest was spread along the country lane leading up to our house. This not only reduced waste but also improved the path leading to our property, filling some treacherous potholes in the process.

Team Work

We are extremely pleased with the results and would like to extend our gratitude to Chris, Steve and Paul from PDB Garden Care. Their hard work and dedication made this transformation possible in a quick and efficient way. They handled every aspect of the project with professionalism and skill, ensuring that the new driveway was laid perfectly.

We would also like to give a shout-out to another family business, Ed and Jane from Powys & Marches Stone Supplies for their timely and professional delivery of our gravel, which allowed the project to be completed smoothly and on schedule.

Job Done

The transformation of our driveway has significantly improved the approach to our house. The 20mm brown beech gravel adds a fresh and sophisticated look, complementing the charm of our Victorian farmhouse. The wooden edging ensures that the driveway remains neat and free from encroaching vegetation. Overall, the new driveway looks amazing and has greatly enhanced the overall appearance of our property.

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