Killing weeds sustainably – electric weed burner

by Mars

Earlier this summer, we reviewed Go System’s gas weed burner. The benefit of gas weed burners is that they offer you freedom to use it where you want to with higher burning temperatures. On the flip side, they use a fossil fuel. So we were extremely excited to try out Draper’s 2000W electric weed burner.

Regular followers of our blog and YouTube channel will know that we don’t use petrol or diesel equipment, and we always try to opt for electric or battery-operated tools. What really appeals to us about this weed burner is that we can use it on sunny days and allow our solar PV system to completely offset its 2kWh electricity usage making it an environmentally-friendly, sustainable solution for us.

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Eddy Winko
2 years ago

I have had some success with a diluted vinegar solution, although you need to keep on top of it and only apply on sunny days. Using an 80% vinegar (acetic acid), diluted with water to give a 10% solution, simply spray on the plants that bother you when the sun shines and after a few applications they wave the white flag.

5 months ago

[…] a nightmare to keep it weed-free. Last summer, it was a mixture of weeding by hand, assisted with Draper’s electric weed burner and Go System’s gas […]

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