Strange duckling story at Home Farm in 2020

by Mars

Our mallards had their ducklings at our pond again this year. This time, however, our duckling story turned out be unpredictable and a bit strange.

Our video starts by introducing you to our newest batch of ducklings, and you can sit back and relax watching our ducklings splooshing around and learning how to dive and run on water.

There were, as mentioned at the outset, some unexpected twists to this year’s duckling story. Check out the video if you’re curious to find out what happened or if just want to watch these little fluffy bundles of feathers enjoying themselves.

Our duckling story

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3 years ago

[…] have had their chicks, and just like the mallard duckings they are tiny and adorable. With the ducklings gone, it’s really nice to be able to enjoy the moorhen chicks on the pond. We’ve posted some photos […]

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