Storing our onions and shallots for the winter

by Mars
Curing onions

We harvested our onions and shallots about six weeks ago, and they’ve been curing in our open garage. It’s taken a really long time for the onions in particular to dry because the weather has been cool and humid, but they are finally ready so we processed them so that they would be ready for the winter months ahead.

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2 years ago

Great harvest! I’m going to try an autumn planting of red onions this year. My spring planted onions were good but small, I think the season is maybe too short to get them to any size outdoors here so am hoping an overwintering will help. ???? ????

Mark Brice
Mark Brice
2 years ago

Great idea with the pallets, will look at trying that next year. Whilst not a good year in the greenhouse I have been lucky with the onions, French beans, carrots and beetroot from our raised beds. The butternut squashes have gone mad this year so hoping for a good crop in October. Happy gardening.

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