Stihl the best chainsaws around?

by Mars

If you’ve got a property with large, established trees or if you’re regularly processing firewood, then you’ll probably need a decent chainsaw. We prefer battery-operated gardening power tools and got the opportunity to review the Stihl MSA 120C and MSA 140C chainsaws this autumn. Stihl chainsaws have a great reputation, so we were really excited to try them out.

The two chainsaws are very similar and we look at what differentiates the MSA 120C from the MSA 140C, and we put them both to the test cutting through a tree trunk for firewood and through some thinner branches for kindling.

Purchase the Stihl MSA 120C here or the Stihl MSA 140C (with AK30 battery and charger) here

We would like to thank Charlies Stores for loaning these two Stihl battery-operated chainsaws to us to try out, and for also sending across an AK30 battery and charger.

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