Steady progress on the vegetable patch

by Mars

Work on the vegetable patch has been steady and it’s taken over a week to put the posts in that will support the paling fence, along with six raised beds.

We still need to build the last two remaining raised beds, which will take us to eight in total. When those are done, the big job of digging a 40cm trench to drop the chicken wire in to keep the rabbits out will commence.

When that’s done, the beds will get filled with top soil and compost, and we’ll put up the paling fence and finish off the pathways with bark.

We’ve also ordered our vegetable plugs and small plants and those will hopefully be delivered by mid-April.

We will be adopting the companion approach to our patch, and we think we will probably plant over 100 vegetable plugs in the coming weeks ranging from beans and tomatoes to broccoli, kale and carrots.

It’s very exciting, and this should set us on our way to becoming self sustainable with vegetables.

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