Spring seedlings springing up

by Mars

It’s been three weeks since our vegetable seeds went into our assortment of coir and wood pulp fibre pots, and I’m really pleased with how things are coming along. We don’t have a greenhouse, so we use our studio (which has large floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors) that we use to try and simulate a greenhouse scenario.

The temperatures do not get anywhere near as warm as a greenhouse, but during the recent cold spells, the thermometer has registered between 10-15C, and the seedlings are coming along nicely. The coir and wood pulp fibre pots dry out quite quickly, so we generally water the pots twice a day (morning and late afternoon), and they’re getting a fortnightly shot of Ecoworm vermicompost for vegetables.

As an estimate, about 75-80% of the pots have now sprouted. The only vegetables that have not yet shown any signs of sprouting are the cucumbers and sweet corn, and I’m not sure why that it is, but we’ll continue to watch the pots and see if they show any signs of life in the days ahead. If they don’t, I will consider reseeding the cucumbers in particular because we really want a monster haul of cucumbers this year.

spring seedlings
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